Why Buy Granite State Trailers?

Jason grew up in a family business, his father has been designing and manufacturing material handling equipment and trailers since 1968. Working in his father’s shop from an early age, Jason learned what it takes to build a solid business and design a first-class trailer. Throughout college he studied drafting and design, along with mechanical engineering and architecture. Then he would return home and work in the shop during the summers. In 2013, he opened J&J Trailers and Truck Equipment in Winchester, NH. He started by selling his father’s trailers, snow plows, and truck accessories. In 2015, Jason decided it was time to build his own line of trailers, and started Granite State Trailers. In January 2018, Granite State Trailers went through the inspection process and is now a NATM (National Association of Trailer Manufacturers) member which put the trailers through an inspection to make sure they were in compliance with DOT, NHTSA and NATM regulations. Jason is now building a full line of trailers including Dump Trailers, Equipment Trailers, Garden Trailers, Off Road Trailers, Tiny House Trailers, Utility Trailers and specialize in Custom built trailers. You will often see his son Ian working and helping around the shop, following in Jason’s footsteps!